Who is this duct-taped iPhone user?

Why This Blog?

I started swinging a hammer in the early 80’s. My father was developing land in the hills of Oakland, CA, building beautiful homes with fantastic views of the San Francisco bay. As a former producer of art documentaries for Dutch television, he was more a visual artist than a businessman. For better or for worse, I followed in those footsteps.

By now I have gained a solid block of construction experience. The nuts-and-bolts, of course, but also people skills and attention to environmental impact.

The industry as a whole continues to have a bad reputation, and relatively little is done to raise the bar. I would like to see this change. Most importantly, however, and perhaps the main focus of this blog, is collaboration. Sharing what we know so we can learn from each other. Not just one builder learning from another, but a grid that includes architects, builders, building inspectors, engineers, lawyers (yes, they too!), etc. There will be some reviews of equipment and methods, photos and videos of projects past and present, details of the way I run my business, guest posts, and more.

The design of this blog is in its infant stages. I had hoped to first make it look the way I want it to, and then start posting. Due to time constraints it became clear rather quickly that it would take forever before I could publish the first piece, so I will address the bells and whistles as time permits. Form follows function, as they say!

Oh, and about the duct tape on my phone: I dropped that damned iPhone once too many and its glossy glass back shattered in many small pieces with sharp edges sticking out. So, being in the trades, it was Duct-Tape-To-The-Rescue. High tech meets down-in-the-trenches blue collar labor… a perfect combination!

Questions? Ideas? Drop a line!

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