Chez Panisse

Chez Panisse Restaurant Repairs and Remodels, Better Accommodates Handicapped

As most food aficionados know, Berkeley-based Chez Panisse restaurant and cafe had a small fire in March, 2013. Construction efforts have been underway ever since, including some remodeling work. The new structure  includes a handicap ramp (see photo below) and have a bathroom compliant with the American Disabilities Act, more commonly known as ADA.


If you are a commercial property owner, be aware that any building permit for a remodeling project  must include provisions to make your building accessible to handicapped persons. This may include a wheelchair ramp, a specifically-sized and equipped bathroom, special parking, and appropriate signage to inform visitors.

Chez Panisse plans to reopen around the middle of June, 2013. Visit the restaurant’s web site for the latest information.


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