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Robust Data Storage

Recently I posted a description of my company’s efforts toward becoming paperless. The post mentioned that a solid & redundant back-up system is key, and that I’d write a separate entry addressing the nuts and bolts of this. Interestingly enough, the way our back-up system came into being did not have so much to do […]

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Paperless Office – First Steps

In April of last year, my company made its first strides into becoming paperless. We bought a document scanner, deep-sixed our fax machine, and eventually were able to eliminate one large file cabinet. It required coming up with reliable storage for electronic records, plus a redundant back-up system. We chose the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M (‘M’ […]

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The Truth About Padlocks

It was Friday afternoon and the week had been tiring. I was dirty, sweaty and eager to go home. In my hurry to get the job site buttoned up for the weekend, I had put my car keys in my toolbags, which I’d put inside the Knaack box moments earlier. In case you are not […]

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